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Equi Theme

Created in 1985, EQUI-THÉME is the brand that modernized and revolutionized style around horses, for men... and women of course, in order to establish true equestrian fashion. By sending the traditional corduroy breeches and quilted jacket back to their closets, EQUI-THÈME became the must-have, trend setting flagship brand in the equestrian world. In 2004, EQUI-THÈME launched the chocolate/light blue fashion... an undeniable success that is going to last over 5 years, cross our borders and be picked up by other companies. By betting on flattering fits, comfortable material, colour, and on technical sportswear clothing collections renewed every year with matching horse and dog supplies, EQUI-THÈME is the brand that offers the widest range of textiles. Today, our EQUI-THÈME collections are designed in a relaxed sportswear spirit seeking trendy comfort, with the small details that make all the difference, so that dressing up to ride finally becomes a pleasure! EQUI-THÈME is the official supplier of the French equestrian riding teams.