Ridingboot Makers


Montar provides Fashionable equipment and clothing for active riders.
Innovation, adaptability, openness and customer service.
These are big words, but we make a big deal out of any of those.
At Montar we are working with a combination of functionality, fashionable designs and a good price. In other words, we produce equipment and clothing for quality-conscious riders, who are not willing to compromise any the above.
We are following the new trends in the fashion world and our collection is being renewed continuously. That makes our products always up to date and trendy. At the same time, we do realise the requirements a active rider has to her or his equipment. That is why we set value on design just as much as on functionality and safety.
Montar cooperates with a couple of selected suppliers, who produce our products based on different strong quality regulations. This has however no impact on the prices of our products, because at Montar we believe that price and quality not necessarily belong together. In this way, you can expect more for your money, when trading at Montar.
Our products are being sold at specialised stores.